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Protocol umbrella is one of the most durable and quality umbrella types. The protocol umbrella, which is generally preferred in official areas, promises quality and long-lasting use to the users with its fabric and skeleton structure. Our protocol umbrella, which has an extremely stylish and classy appearance, adds quality and an elegant atmosphere in the environment where it is used.


Avcıoğlu protocol umbrellas were also used in many TV series. Its size is larger than standard automatic cane umbrellas. Person capacity is 2-3. It is generally used as a service vehicle by people in charge such as valet,  hotel staff, bodyguard. 


Protocol Umbrella Features

protokol şemsiye

Avcıoğlu protocol umbrellas are very resistant to wind and impacts with their fiberglass skeleton structure. The carrier tube is thicker than standard automatic umbrellas. Therefore, it is extremely durable and will defy the years. The fabric is 210T tightly woven pongee fabric. Thanks to its water-repellent feature, rain does not stick to the umbrella fabric, it flows. Additionally, the fabric weaving frequency is higher compared to standard automatic umbrellas. This increases fabric quality and durability. You can choose Avcıoğlu protocol umbrellas with the utmost peace of mind with the quality assurance they provide. It will never mislead you or let you down with its quality, stance and appearance.

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